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Keylight 3D Model Pack for GrandMA2 3d

Keylight 3D Model Pack for GrandMA2 3d - Version 10
for more info and list of all fixture models please visit

Updated 20th April 2020

Now over 285 fixture models!

I’ve added….
41 New Moving Head models – Diablo, Huracan, Levante, Perseo, Maverick MK1 Hybrid, Maverick MK1 Spot, Maverick MK3 Profile, Maverick MK 3 Spot, Maverick Storm 1 Spot, Maverick Storm 1 Wash, Artiste Monet, Artiste Mondrian, Artiste Rembrandt, Fuze Profile, Fuze SFX, Fuze Wash FR, Fuze Spot, Proteus Smarty Hybrid, Proteus Maximus, Smarty Hybrid, Smarty Max, FR10 Bar, Highlander, Era 800, Era 600, Cyclone, Esprite, Mini Pointe, Super Spikie, Tarrantula, Tetra 1, Tetra 2, T1 Profile, T1 Fresnel, T1 PC, VL10 Beamwash, VL2600 Spot, VL2600 Profile, VL2600 Wash, VL6500 Wash, VL5 LED

25 New Static – ARri Skypanel S360, Colorado 1 solo, Colorado 2 solo. Colrado 3 solo. Ovation E910 Profile, Ovation F915 Fresnel, Ovation F415 Fresnel, Ovation F265 Fresnel, Colorforce II 12, Colorforce II 48, Colorforce II 72, Paladin Cube, Paladin Panel, SixPar 100, SixPar 200, SixPar 300, KNV Dot, KNV Line, Atomic Dot, PixelBar 200, Edison Dot, Edison Bar, Edison Star, Flare Q+ Rayzr 100, VL800 EventPar.

Added Cosmic DNA Truss

I've now included console fixture profiles for all multi instance fixtures in my pack with the models embedded in the profile. This means you no longer have to assign the parts on multi instance fixtures. Simply patch my console profiles into your show and the models will be there.
Using these also gives you zoom on multi instance movers now.

Assigning model to single instance fixtures is still the same, just select fixtures in ma3d, right click and change model.

You can still assign models to your own multi instance profiles if you like, but if it’s a moving head, use models from the legacy folders so things align correctly . However please note you wont get the zoom feature on multi instance as there is edits to the xml once models are assigned
If you don’t see a console profile for the mode you need for a multi instance fixture, or you have a special profile you need a model to work with, please email me and Ill do what I can

Note: Models contain no information, The way models work in MA3d is all controlled via the GrandMA2 console fixture profiles. Fixture generated effects/patterns/macros cannot be visualized in ma3d. Shutter cannot be visualized in multi-instance type fixtures

more info visit

These models suitable for MA2/MA3d from version 3.3.

All 3d models contained in the model pack are copyright and may not be distributed in any form with my prior written consent

Thanks for visiting

[email protected]

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